Why Businesses still rely on Manual Processes?

Why Businesses still rely on Manual Processes?

Why Businesses still rely on Manual Processes? - Adinga Sage Business Partner

Why businesses still rely on Manual Processes?

What have you found is the reason why some of our clients haven’t been using their system correctly?

We come along and assume they’re using these automated systems, why aren’t they using it?

What do you find is the main reason for that?

The, the most common factor we found is that when a user transitions into a new role, the handover process is focused on ensuring that the work is done and not necessarily that best practices are implemented to fulfill this role.

This issue can easily be addressed with regular training, as well as ensuring that your standard operating processes are well documented and understood.

Okay, so you’re saying it’s about education and user confidence. Those are the main barriers.

When people say, I don’t know how to do this, they do it manually and that becomes the norm.

It becomes very easy to divert back to a manual process when you are not comfortable with the system.

That is where we would come in as your trusted advisor to ensure that you do become comfortable with the system.

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Why Businesses still rely on Manual Processes?

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