VAT Update And System Checks – Is Your Business Prepared?

VAT Update And System Checks – Is Your Business Prepared?

VAT Update

The VAT Rate is increasing from the existing 14% to 15% effective 1 April 2018. What does this mean for your Business and Systems?

Whatever ERP or business software you use, there will be a significant amount of preparation you will have to undertake to prepare for and manage the change of the VAT rate.

All the modules in your Sage 300 or Sage Evolution system will need to be diagnosed and amended. Your processes will also be impacted as there may still be transactions being processed after the 1st April that pertain to the old VAT rate – especially in your Creditors area. We have come up with a recommendation to assist you with this.

All the data processing modules are impacted:

Job Costing & Service Manager Invoicing
Credit Notes Purchase Orders
Cashbook Stock
Assets Point-of-Sale
Custom Systems (External Transaction Systems integrated to your accounting system)

Adinga will assist and guide your business through the change. Contact us now to manage and schedule your Business change over.

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VAT Update And System Checks – Is Your Business Prepared?

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