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Are you looking for a cost effective solution that allows you to gain a holistic view of your business?

Sage 200 Evolution is a Business Management Solution that gives you the ability to control your financials and relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees.


Inventory Control

Gain total control of your supply chain and manage your stock levels without hassle. Sage has designed a cloud based inventory management solution to assist you in reducing stock outs, track and measure stock loss and simplify the ordering process. Ensuring you always maintain optimum stock levels within your business operation.



Developed with aim of assisting Small and Medium enterprises with a limited budget. Sage 200 Evolution offers a built in intelligence tool which provides real time insights into key business metrics. Accelerate your business growth with these smart features.



This solution was developed with a wide range of features and functionality. Gain access to a number of add-on modules, allowing the solution to be scalable and flexible depending on your needs. Sage 200 Evolution acts as a robust management tool for a growing business.


An Overview of Sage 200 Evolution:

Enhanced Productivity:

The Integrated Business Activity Management functionality enables you to manage both the financial and operational aspects of your business. Allowing you to identify bottlenecks in your current productivity and adjust your operations accordingly.


customer focused service

Customer Focused:

Drive a customer centric approach across all your existing teams. Break down your customer silos by allowing your customers to access their accounts online via the web to view invoices, statements and make payments. Simplifying their engagement with your business and allowing them to also manage the relationship.



This solution offers the lowest total cost of ownership because it is quicker to deploy and requires less configuration and training. Unlike other vendors who bill extra for support services and demand large teams of expensive skills to deploy a Business Management Solution. Scalability is built into the core of this solution, meaning you only pay for what you require.


cost effective
industry specific

Industry Specific:

Sage 200 Evolution has a range of add-on modules that cater for industry specific needs. Whether your business operates within the manufacturing, construction, distribution or service industries, Sage 200 has a solution for your needs. These industry specific modules seamlessly integrate with Sage 200 Evolution core financials, are cost-effective and can be rapidly deployed.


Simplified Reporting:

Sage 200 Evolution Intelligence Reporting allows you to manipulate data in any way you need. Design specialized reports that give you a competitive edge. See trends in your business that would otherwise be difficult to recognize. Slice and dice data through “what-if” scenarios enabling you to run ideas through your financials.


simplified reporting

Key Features:

No. of Users


 1 - 300+

No. of Companies:


Database Management System:

MS SQL Express

MS SQL Standard

MS SQL Enterprise


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We offer products that cater to the needs of Small, Medium, and Large enterprises. Our offerings include simple Financial Management systems, fluid Cloud Accounting platforms, Cloud-based ERP systems, Business Intelligence tools, and Payroll systems.

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