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Acumatica Cloud ERP Product Overview

Cloud ERP is Software as a Service that allows users to access Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software over the Internet.

Cloud ERP generally has much lower upfront costs, because computing resources are leased by the month rather than purchased outright and maintained on premises. Cloud ERP also gives companies access to their business-critical applications at any time from any location. Acumatica has the flexibility and choice in a single, comprehensive solution to manage your entire business efficiently.


Advantages of Acumatica

Ideal for a broad variety of industries, including Distribution, Manufacturing Retail/eCommerce, and Services (Professional, Business, Repair, and Not-for-Profit).

All Acumatica application suites are web-based, integrate fully with one another, and use a centralised database.

The user interface and navigation, with tablet-friendly design and dynamic page layout, make working on any device fast and easy.

Integrated Document Management allows you to manage a central source of documents and media.

Rules for workflows and approvals, which help maintain control, can be created throughout the system (e.g. sales and purchase orders).

Functionality for specific needs (e.g. bar coding) are already in place and can be extended further through industry standard tools and APIs.

All applications include easy to use reporting and self-service BI to quickly create personal dashboards.

Adinga is proud to announce our Gold Status with Acumatica. We are looking forward to growing our partnership with this esteemed brand and solution.
Acumatica provides a full learning resource for customers and their partners to grow and establish their skill sets within the product.

You have the freedom to deploy the solution on either of these platforms:

  • SaaS Solution powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Licensed on customer’s premises
  • Licensed in customer’s data centred

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